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Minecraft Rules and Regulations
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[EW] Kabreaus 6th Jun 2015

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Hello and welcome to Kabreaus and HelloJen's realm of minecraft. Before we let anyone on the realm you must agree and follow the rules.
We will not tolerate anyone breaking the rules and breaking any rules will could result in you being permanently banned for the realm. Everyone in our realm are nice and like to joke around. I enjoy everyone who is currently on my realms but would like to include a couple more people.

Rule #1; Absolutely no griefing allowed. This means no destroying other peoples buildings or anything else they are building.
Rule #2; No stealing. If you need something ask.
Rule #3; You must build at least 1,000 blocks away from the starting point. Within the starting point is all the land I plan on building on.
Rule #4; Be respectful towards others.
Rule #5; You must have Team speak and a mic.
Rule #6; you must register to Ew website (this one) and register and have to login once a month.

All these rules are common sense. If you think you can follow these rules and want to join our realm then you can apply directly to my email countschris12@yahoo.com. Applicants need to provide their Name, Age, Facebook address, and a brief reason why they think they would make a good addition to our community. Please allow some time for us to review all applicants and we will announce anyone we choose to join us.  
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Last Edit: 8th Jun 2015 by Kabreaus
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