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[EW] Jen 27th Jul 2014

Joined: 25th Jan 2014
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Stupid Villagers that Kab won't let me murder. I'm trying to fill in that hole that 7 villagers and 1 kid villager jumped into.

Took a before picture with Kab looking out at the next spot where he'd build something awesome..

The after picture...

Kab and I on our blinged out horses. Going on an epic adventure. Those are some of my awesome dogs.

Chillin' in the Nether. Before we had tons of sweet diamond weapons/armor.

Sitting on my horse, fishin' with Kab.

My sick bedroom and pink bed. Hanging out with some pups.

This game is pretty dangerous. I fought an arrow shooting skeleton and kicked his butt. He got some shots in..

Pantheon that Kab build out of Nether Quartz (it's not easy to mine much at a time. He did major work building this). I didn't sleep fast enough and some arrow-shooting skeletons spawned nearby. The fire thing on the roof is a zombie on fire from the daylight.

Riding a mule, hangin' with a dog and meeting up with a sheep. One of the roads I built. Kab has me building roads like an immigrant in this world. It's cool, they're simple builds and I always ask to do them.

Taking some dogs on a night hunt.

Killin' monsters

Creepers are scared of cats. So I'll totally admit I'm using one of Kab's b/w cats to keep the Creeper away from me (and the house), so it doesn't explode structures.

Straw_Hat_Pirates plays in the server too! He has a pretty sick little setup, but here is his sweet bed setup. Only slightly creepy!

Here is Straw on horseback looking super majestic on our diving board in the back of the house. Looking out into the world.

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[EW] Kabreaus 27th Jul 2014

Joined: 6th May 2014
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wow didnt know you took so many pics!! lol awesome though. forgot we wore iron at one time
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[EW] Jen 4th Jul 2015

Joined: 25th Jan 2014
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Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

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Last Edit: 4th Jul 2015 by Jen
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