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Just stopping by to say hi.
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[EW] MoonyLunar 1st Nov 2017

Joined: 1st Nov 2017
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As it states, just an old member of the cod4 server stopping by to say hi. Pretty awesome that the community is still going. I was going through my Youtube subs and saw the old "Elder Warriors" Youtube channel and remembered the old site. Anyway just figured I'd leave the only screenshot I have from my days of playing on the cod4 server. 

http://steamcommunity.com ... details/?id=23944388

I'll check by in a few days to see if anyone replies, I checked the member list and I see a few names I remember. 
[E-WAR] DiCE 9th Nov 2017

Joined: 17th Nov 2013
Rank: Sr. Member/Sldr [AD]
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Welcome back dude, yea were still going in some respects lol, im the only one who plays cod anymore,

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[EW] MoonyLunar 16th Nov 2017

Joined: 1st Nov 2017
Rank: Member
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Regardless of how it's going, at least it's still going lol. I was thinking of returning to CoD but then I found Csgo back at the end of 2014 after I had built my PC (The whole reason I stopped playing CoD was because my original prebuilt died on me) maybe one day this community will have a CoD reunion or something and I'll be around for it
Forum » [EW] Community » General Discussion
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