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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 9th Mar 2014

Joined: 15th Nov 2013
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Anything you want to post, but provide a source...

I was bored, bad. Decided to watch "Kick Ass II", had it for a looong time, never watched it. Starts out with the guy from the first movie hooking up with the closest thing to a 'real' superhero that he knows... Soon after I hear...

"Mindy beat me like morning wood, every day for three weeks..."

Later in the movie Insect Man is talking about being an openly gay superhero that wears no mask, because it's like being back in the closet... Colonel Stars and Stripes says to him encouragingly...

"Hey, as long as your heart's in the right place, we don't care what you put in your mouth."

Yes. I laughed.

[E-WAR] RifleDropper 25th Sep 2014

Joined: 15th Nov 2013
Rank: Admin / Cmdr [AD]
Posts: 651
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Watching the season 2, first episode of Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

Jim Morita: Guten tag, boys. All right, nice and calm. No sudden moves or we'll tie a blasting cap to your... hey, Dugan, what's the German word for "nuts"?
Dum Dum Dugan: I don't know, Jim. But tie a blasting cap to 'em and I'll bet we'll hear it.

(Loser →) badperson (Banned) 7th Jan 2016

Joined: 20th Nov 2013
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"Idi Amin did literally nothing wrong"

- Straw_Hat_Pirates


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