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Change default location of Replays
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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 10th Jan 2014

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By default WoT will store your replays in...


This is usually fine and causes no issues. I personally have WoT installed on my C:, a 256GB SSD.
I'm sure that all of you know that the SSD is much faster than mechanical drives, but most don't realize that they have a limited number of 'reads' and 'writes' to each 'cell' of memory. After a million or so (or w/e the current number is) read/write operations the cells 'die', and form bad clusters, sectors, etc and the drives begin to fail. There are may things you can do to extend the life, such as moving temp file locations, etc.

One thing I've been wanting to do is record battles again. I used to do it but since I switched Windows to my SSD I stopped to limit unnecessary read/writes. Turns out there is an extremely simple solution to this.

  1. Turn on Replays in WoT
  2. Exit WoT
  3. Delete the 'replays' folder in the WoT directory.
  4. Make or choose a folder for your replays
  5. Open the Command Prompt (you'll likely need to 'run as administrator' or in an 'elevated' command prompt)
  6. Enter:
mklink /J [Your WoT folder]\replays [What folder you want the replays to go in]

In my case it was
mklink /j c:\World_of_Tanks\replays f:\WoTreplays

This causes Windows to link the destination folder (f:\WoTreplays) to anything looking for the location C:\World_of_Tanks\replays and makes the ...World_of_Tanks\replays folder appear to be a 'shortcut' from within Windows Explorer. If everything goes well it should look something like this...

Last Edit: 16th Jun 2015 by RifleDropper
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