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If you think WG is screwing you...
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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 19th Jan 2014

Joined: 15th Nov 2013
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It seems you may be right.

To start off I have to say that I am a creature of habit. I find a way of doing things and I continue to do them that way, in a repetitive manner, and I tend to screw things up a lot less. Something I learned to do young. If it's done exactly the same each time you (or I) tend to notice a change, i.e. when I screw up. Basically, I develop a method of doing something and I am usually a bit anal about continuing to do these things the same exact way each time. That said, I'll get to my point.

A while back (May 26th, know because I started this on May 27) I was positive that WG had screwed me on my stats. I was so sure that I started to write the important ones down on a scrap pad each night. I write down the total battles, total wins, total losses, total kills, total damage, total experience, free xp, convertible xp, credits, current and 60 day WN7, and the WG personal rating from your stats panel. I also note the change in the kills, wins, losses, and total each day. takes about 5 minutes. Pretty thorough. I never found an error, of theirs. I found errors all the time, but when looking back at my note pad I found MY mistake every time.

Today I catch them in error. I played 8 games, and got fed up and decided to quit. I had lost 3, won 4, and lost another. 50% for the day. I grab my note pad, start writing the days stats. Yesterday my total number of games at days end was 13,916. Today I played 8 games. 13924.


The stats panel in the game says I have 13.935. 19 games for the day.
My note pad, my battle session statistics mod ,and my memory all tell me I did not play 19 games today. I look on mywotstats.com and it says that I have played 8 games, 4 wins, 4 losses. It also has my total games at 13,935, not the correct 13,916. I then went to wotlabs.com and checked. It has the same damn wrong total number of games, but it also says I have played 19 games today, for 9 wins and 10 losses. WTF? As I said earlier, I have the notepad with EVERY DAMN DAY of stats written down since 5-27-13, and every piece of info in them adds up to 13,916. If there were an error in my notepad records I would have noticed long before now, remember I keep pretty close eye on them, and I still have months of my handwritten, uncorrected notes in my possession.

My in game stats screen with today's numbers. Notice the bottom RH corner stats panel mod, shows exactly what I wrote down as I played today, 8 games, 4 and 4. Shows a loss of money because I payed out 240,000 on tank stuff that it counts as a negative. It's never been wrong before.

mywotstats.com shows the same as my records and battle session stats mod show, the correct number of wins and losses are shown for today, but the wrong number of each has been added to the totals. I don't have the pic of yesterdays (why would I) but it was 7144 wins and 6520 losses at days end. It's written in my notepad that way, the number of games for the day before and the games played add up correctly, as do all the previous several months of notes until today. Today it says flat out that I won 4 games and lost 4 games but the total victories now says 7153 (+9) and 6530 (+10).  

They have credited me with 5 wins and 6 losses that I did not earn.

mywotlabs agrees with WG and the win/loss totals of mywotstats.com, and disagrees with my personal notes, the session statistics mod, the games own built in battle log (visible above the battle session statistics mod display in the bottom RH corner, (but not pictured) and mywotstats collected statistics of games played today. I actually went to mywotstats.com a while back because wotlabs was getting flaky about updating everyday, sometimes updating every two or three days and adding the total lump sum all at once to your stats. now I wonder if it is any better than wotlabs or not...

Anyway, long story short, I have physical proof in my hands and at least some evidence in the pics that WG is definitely not above screwing you. I know in the grand scheme of thing 11 games at a 45.45% WR is not going to affect the total by enough to matter, it's the GD principal of it that burns my ass.
Rant over.


Rant not quite over...
I just finished writing down my stats for today. I had only noticed the numbers of games, wins, and defeats being of by 11.

Now I have noticed that there is also another error. It is on today as well, was not there yesterday, and is off by the exact same amount.
Yesterday at days end i had 12,697 kills. Today I had 11 kills, 12,708, and I earned one completed mission for 10 kills and paid for that (New Years Resolution mission). The Battle session statistics mod agrees, and my own notepad also confirms. The stats say I have 12,719 kills. Off by 11, again, which would be 22 kills, or two complete missions, and I was not paid for the second.

I don't remember going to the drive through...

Last Edit: 19th Jan 2014 by RifleDropper
[EW] Wind 19th Jan 2014

Joined: 27th Nov 2013
Rank: Sr. Member
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Is it possible that their servers don't always update automatically and the extra games that came up on your stats were old ones? Just an idea.

[E-WAR] RifleDropper 20th Jan 2014

Joined: 15th Nov 2013
Rank: Admin / Cmdr [AD]
Posts: 651
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QuoteIs it possible that their servers don't always update automatically and the extra games that came up on your stats were old ones? Just an idea.

I have the numbers going back to May 27 written down, still, so if it takes 7 1/2 months for them to show up they should have just kept them.

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