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WG is giving out a little free gold
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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 13th Dec 2013

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I was curious about the 'Unified Premium Account' that they keep going on about on the forum, and wondered if I had to do anything to 'unify' my WoT and WoWP accounts. I have never played the War palanes, but figured I'd get it started at any rate. Turns out it looks like if you start both games with the same log-in and password then you already have the 'Unified' accounts, and free xp earned in either game can be used freely in either game. Gold too. Premium time purchased counts in both games as well. Don't know about any other connections.

So I logged in today, and after looking around I checked out the 'training mission' because it had popped up as I first logged in and I closed it. You get 25 gold for the first mission, and for the second. Can't say anymore, flew the first and opened the second but did not fly...

Anyway, it's a few free gold.

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