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WoT Statistics and other Resources
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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 21st Nov 2013

Joined: 15th Nov 2013
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One of the first things you should try to get a firm grasp on is how the Battle Mechanics work in the game. This gives decent explanations and information. There is much more to learn, but this is a good start. Knowing and understanding/practicing  good Battle Mechanics is the best way to improve your stats.

World of Tanks Stat trackers can help you to keep track of your statistics and generate forum signatures. There are several a few that I like are

There are many, many more to choose from.

Another cool stat tracker/tool, keeps track of ALL KINDS of stats, no sigs that I am aware of though.

WoT Crew Training Experience Points Spreadsheet. You may have to have some form of Google account to view this, but it is very informative, and somewhat depressing, to see just how much experience it takes to advance your crew training.

Another stat page with tons of info of all kinds. Leaders in efficiency and WN7, 8 and everything else.

You can check your own efficiency, this is my graph.. Look at yours, not mine, lol.

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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 14th Mar 2014

Joined: 15th Nov 2013
Rank: Admin / Cmdr [AD]
Posts: 651
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WWW.WOT.DB.Info - Gives a lot of info about each Tank, including vulnerable hit spots.

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