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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 31st Mar 2014

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Figured I'd give this one a seperate thread, it's pretty cool. Lots of stats, good graphs, and does a WoT Signature for you as well.


The site uses an Active Dossier Uploader (ADU) that is very small (doesn't even 'Install', just put it anywhere and run it), uses little RAM, and keeps your profile very up to date. Just run in the background when you play, every once in a while it uploads a small (most of them I've seen are 42kb) bit of info to update your stats.

ADU Download

The site gives gives graphs like these (and many others) that break down by type and tier... These are my boring stats... Don't look at mine, get your own! LoL.

Many other stats including what crew is in what tank, with what skills and @ how much they need to finish their current skills, battle logs, quick summary for you play, this was a 12 hour period of my play today... Not a great day but it's cool to see what you did where.

These are not my stats, just some other graphs/stats available.

Example for Income / Expenditure:

Example for "Damage per Kill" Chart

Example for "Damage ratio" Chart:

Example of the Signature Images offered: (several images to choose)

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Forum » Gaming Info » WoT Extras
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