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Battalion 1944
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[EW] Rambo1942 2nd Jun 2017

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I purchased the Battalion 1944 master sergeant backer for 2 licenses (one for my brother) through their kickstarter campaign.
I have just been a part of the Closed Alpha Testing and thought I'd share my comments on the game thus far:
This is going to be one hell of a game. If you loved Call of Duty: UO, picture that but 100 times better.
While there was a non-disclosure agreement in place I wasn't allowed to take screenshots other than to report bugs or crashes.
The game mechanics seem solid.
If a closed alpha worked this well, I look forward to the final product.
I highly recommend any [EW] to prepare to purchase this game. I liked what I saw so far and would gladly entertain getting a server for the clan once this is up and running.

I wore my [EW] tags the entire event
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