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Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 / Darkest Hour Mod
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[E-WAR] A_Friend/Spiffzombie 5th Oct 2014

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Hey guys, if any of you are interested in another WWII shooter where people still play, check out the first Red Orchestra. I recently started playing the game (specifically the darkest hour mod). Its harder that CoD UO, but after a while (and a ton of deaths) it can get pretty fun and intense. Also the game doesn't have an emphasis on K (it doesn't even show how man kills/deaths you get), but more on winning the match by taking the objectives.

The game is available on Steam for like $9.99 and it should run on almost any computer. The game came out in 2006, thats why. I don't know about the base game, but on the Darkest Hour mod, there is a server that constantly has 30-60 people on at a time. 

If any of you want to know some more info, message me or post below. 
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Last Edit: 5th Oct 2014 by A_Friend/Spiffzombie
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