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TeamSpeak 3 and Game Overlays
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[E-WAR] RifleDropper 18th Jan 2014

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When platooning or team battling in WoT a TS overlay showing who is in your channel and who is speaking is very handy. The problem for me, and others of you I know, is that in WoT (and likely other games as well) the overlay is unstable at best, and I have tried many things and other overlay progs to resolve this. Here are some links.

TeamSpeak 3 - A must have for team gaming.

TSNotifier - The only TS overlay that I have been able to make work consistently. I have found that you need to have your game running, then start TSNotifier, or the game may fail to load. Works every time for me if I start the game first. Has an option to 'start with TS', but doesn't shutdown with TS, it stays running in the task bar and you must exit manually.

Project Kryptonite - This overlay was made by the folks that made the original tsoverlay that is packed within TS3. They have discontinued work on the original and this is the next thing. Still in beta, worked on and off. Nice when i could make it work.

TS3overlay - The one that is packed within TS3, updated. Liked the original one best of all of them, but it just was too unreliable for me. Others like Grundy have had no issues with it.

Overwolf - I got good results making Overwolf work, but I very much dislike the interface, could not get the 'record' function to work worth a damn, and basically resolved to not use it unless I found nothing else.
Oh, yeah.. It will not work if you are running a graphics card temp/fan monitoring utility such as MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision. Comes on and flat out states that it does not work with these programs. Retarded, when you consider that it is software to be used, pretty much exclusively when gaming, but you must disable video card temp utils while playing the games that heat up your card. Brilliant!

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